Random thoughts

It kinda makes a person feel a tad strange when the nurses who adminster chemo won't do it unless they are wearing a whole extra layer of protective garb, gloves, and everything a person can imagine. Then there is the patient who just sits there and watches 4 different drugs being pumped into their veins... that they won't even administer without all of the protection for fear that they might come into contact with it.

So on my third day after chemo I woke up and had some nice bloodshot eyes. Thankfully, it went away pretty fast. Chemo is good for giving glossy eyes as well. I have to be thankful, the only side-effects I had were: increased sleep (I slept 12 hours a night for the first 4 or 5 nights after chemo), a tad - not much - less energy, looked a tad pale and then flushed for a little bit, and a bit less alert. It definetly helps to get that stuff out of the body as soon as possible. That's why I go in the tub and sweat like a drug addict in detox. I eat lots of fiber and drink tons of freshly made veggie juice and water. Needless to say, I am the one that asks to stop for bathroom breaks on all recent vacations.

There was a different crop of people I was around on last Friday. Normally I do chemo on Monday and am used to the staff there. However, HCMC had quite a few different people on staff, and most of the patients I hadn't seen before either. I would have to say the patients there today looked sicker than the ones I see on Monday. There were some very trim people down there. Other than me (who was blessed to put on 27 pounds in 40 days on chemo to get back to my optimal weight... I keep realizing more and more how much of an answer to prayer that was) chemo seems to be a wonderful weightloss strategy. I think my neighbor lost 50 pounds in her first month on chemo, and a lot of people around the oncology ward for HCMC look leaner than the people who have been starving on Survivor episodes for a month. At HCMC, we get our own little televisions to watch while we get chemo (why doesn't ESPN have more football highlights on Fridays... Monday is definetly the better day to be at the hospital). So the lady next to me is watching aerobics. I just about burst out laughing to see her laying back in her recliner with iv tubes coming out while she is watching aerobics.

I never thought I had a favorite color before - and never really cared, but now I have one. It is adriamycin red. Adriamycin, one of my chemo drugs, has got to be one of the coolest colors ever. It's this deep royal red that looks like you can make a popsicle out of it. If I find a picture of it, I'll have to post it. Or if you find one, put a link in the comment portion.

So I have a fool proof way to be filled with joy. Give. When you give to others without alterior motives, it burst joy throughout your being. Now, if you really want to be pumped up, share what is most important... the salvation message. I don't know how a person could ever feel down if they are sharing their faith.