This weekend

So I had chemo on Friday (the 8th out of hopefully 12). It went pretty well and I had very little side effects. It was interesting to hear the administering nurse say that a lot of people by this point spend most of their lives in bed watching television - because they feel too lousy to do anything else. I am very grateful that I am not one of those.

Since I had to postpone my 8th chemo by four days due to low neutraphil count, they had me take a pretty painless Neulasta shot on Saturday so that it doesn't happen again.

It was a tad brisk last night. One thing I have found that definetly helps with chemo side effects - esp. the dizzying headaches - is to sleep with my window wide open. My dad said it was eleven degrees this morning when he went to work. That might explain why I felt a bit cold. I am very thankful that I am doing as well as I am, since I used to just sit by a window after chemo to keep my head straight. I have not had to do that the last couple of times which is nice due to the time of the year. The other thing that helps keep headaches away is raw organic greens. I'll sit down and snack on a head of romaine or spinach and it does wonders.

So my next chemo would be scheduled for the 24th, but since that is Christmas Eve, the hospital is closed. I will have to wait until Monday the 27th. I would like to be able to go up north - Minnesota slang for anywhere a couple hours north of the Twin Cities - to my aunt and uncle's after that. Another good reason to not have chemo on the 24th is the Vikings-Packers game. Whenever the Vikings play, downtown driving stinks. Add to the fact that this is the Packers and I-35W will probably look like a parking lot. Since it is very easy to be frustrated & moody after chemo, and since I take chemo a block away from the metrodome, I am glad that I won't be dealing with it. On a side point, It sounds like my bro and dad might have got tickets...

Well, I am writing this the third day after chemo... wonder if it makes sense (historically the third day is the toughest one). So far, so good for side effects, just needed more sleep, eyes looked bloodshot, and not as energetic.