Comp. Sci. stuff.

I found some interesting things on some people's websites from Taylor.
I am nerdier than 15% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

I thought I would have done better than that with 30+ credits of comp. sci. and 24 math credits (a minor) finished.

So to leave no doubt on the matter I found some things very hilarious from this this website
I had to comment on a few...

(Lines_of_Code) / (Hours_of_Sleep) < (Number_of_Energy_Drinks_Consumed)
is clearly the funniest line... very true for many, many people I knew.

You end each line you type with ";", even plain english ones;
I actually did have some issues initially with this when typing papers...

You're pressing CTRL+S every 5 minutes, in every application..
but had a far bigger problem with this, and even more so with Esc:wq when wanting to close something

You sit stuck at traffic lights and work out a more efficient algorithm for them, based on road orientation, sensor placement, time of year, time of day, weather and local sporting events, in your head.
I just started thinking I had got all of the programming out of me when I did this all of a week ago, although I did so for emergency vehicles instead of some of the above.

You consider 'drinking caffeine' and 'sleeping' to be synonyms.
Very true for many of my friends...

You actually feel like crap from getting 8 hours of sleep, that just so unnatural.
I actually complained of this many times to friends at college. I thought sleep was supposed to come in either 4 hour intervals or 12 hour chunks of time.

Your mother phoned you to see if you were still alive, and you responded "ping".
Only a nerd would say that.

You wake up in the middle of the night with the solution to your coding problem.
Happened to me in Data Comm., second program.

Sunshine genuinely hurts your eyes.
Happened to me a few nights/mornings in the comp. sci. lab after spending the night there.