No Change, 90-95% change, 30-40% chance of currently being in remission

So... if that isn't a confusing title than I don't know what is. Anyway, I could tell people were praying for me to be at peace. My blood pressure today was at 110/52 (Normal-low for me). Quite amazing considering I have REALLY been looking forward to getting my Scan results. Well, I got my ct scan result. It shows the exact same as it did at my midpoint... no change on anything. There still is a tad amount of excess fluid around one of the lungs. I asked her if she thought that was due to cancer cells in the fluid or due to the lungs not draining properly due to the lymph nodes. She thought the latter. Pray that the lungs do drain correctly. The PET Scan (which measures cancer, not masses) showed a completly clean scan for all body parts (neck, armpits, etc.), with the exception of one tiny very faint spot on my chest, where the biggest mass (grapefruit sized) was before. Pet Scans are not fool proof (as they once were thought to be) and even though it showed 90-95% shrinkage, the very faint spot that remained might be scartissue. She said there is a 30-40% chance of this. So the plan would be to do my last chemo and meet w/ her and do a bit of radiation on the last part (3 weeks). This would start mid-February. Afterward, I would have another PET Scan to see if I am cancer free. If it still could not be determined I would have to do a surgery to get a biopsy. If I still was not cancer free, than I might be looking at an autologous bone marrow transplant. Anyway, I had prayed beforehand for wisdom for not just the doctor but for me. I also prayed that I would not be reacting to what she said the whole time that I didn't really pay attention to what was happening, but that I would be alert to what was going on (when a major diagnosis/prognosis happens it is easy to not pay attention much afterwards). So I asked if I should get another PET Scan done at a different place before starting radiation to see if that gave more clarity to that last little part left in my right upper chest. She said, "That might be a good idea, I'll check w/ the radiologist." So I am going to have another PET scan in a month (after I finish my 12th chemo). Pray that it shows greater clairity and that I am cancer free before the radiation.

Oh, on the issue of the lungs, I am still at 63. That is high enough to keep getting Bleomycin. She said that number will go up into the 70s or 80s after I have finished chemo. I probably wouldn't ever notice like a poorer performance in sports.

I just finished my 11th chemo, a good reason why this might be a little scattered. I'll also accept all prayers for this chemo and the twelfth to go well (esp. the first 3-4 days later), and that my body would have no permanent damage from the chemo.

Thanks for your prayers.