Only in Minnesota

Would I see something on the news talking about how a guy attacked someone with an auger (for those who are reading this from somewhere to the south, an auger is used like a drill by ice fisherman to get through the ice so they can fish).

I find it interesting how tastebuds change and people get really really strong cravings for stuff while on chemo (I will hopefully be able to identify w/ a pregnant wife someday). Anyway, I ran across this link and found some of the stuff funny. Especially the three year old who ate nothing but salami, pepperoni, and chicken wings for 3 years. Personally, things have come back closer to normal for me, but I had intense cravings for tomatoes and salsa at the beginning of chemo. Esp. salsa. I put salsa on eggs, potatoes, tortillas, rice cakes, elk hamburger (the few times I had it), etc. I was using well over a 16 oz. jar a day. It seemed to work out badly that I started craving tomatoes just when the prices went way up due to the hurricanes in Florida. My wonderful parents were racking up a very hefty organic tomato bill. Now I am back to my normal large (instead of gigantic - thank you Zofran and other anti-nausea meds) diet of food and don't really eat much different than I have for the last couple of years. I have lost my desire to eat one or two items I might normally like, but in comparison to people that lose their desire to eat 90% of what they normally do, I am thankful.
What do I eat while trying to get well?
After reading many, many books (good books I recommend would be... Beating Cancer W/ Nutrition by Patrick Quillan, The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin, The Cancer BattlePlan Sourcebook by Dave Frahm, Cancer Diagnosis by Cowden and Diamond, The Fungus Link by Doug Kaufmann, Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management by Bernard Jensen, etc. The first four are must reads for cancer patients.) and watching quite a number of nutritional shows on sky angel, I came up w/ this as the best guidelines for eating during this portion of my life. I eat veggies, berries, apples, citrus fruit (but not oranges) wild fish, eggs, poultry w/ no antibiotics & hormones, brown rice, raw nuts in moderation (except peanuts and pistachios) and sprouted grain tortillas. Occasionally I allow myself to have some other fruit, hormone and antibiotic free elk, and lentils. I will probably always eat quite healthy, but not necessarily this strict for life. Things I would like to avoid for life as much as possible would be monosodium glutimate, dyes (like yellow #5), margarine, nutrasweet (and other artificial sweetners), hydrogenated oils (trans fats), and alcohol. To a lesser extent it would be wise to avoid white flour, sugar, yeast, pork, shellfish, and non-organic cow dairy (one reason being that some are now suggesting this might be the reason why our world is developing antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The majority of antibiotics in this country are not used on people, but animals like pigs, cows, and chickens, which we eat... kinda makes you want to eat organically, huh?).