Causes to Hodgkin's

So what causes Hodgkin's? If you ask the conventional medical field you would hear that no one knows the cause. A nutritionist might link it to the things that they would say causes disease in general... fungus in the body, pesticides in our food supply, lack of minerals, constipation, lack of good bacteria in the colon, heavy metals like mercury and lead, too much sugar and trans-fats in the diet, resentments and other toxic emotions, moldy houses, stress, etc.

For Hodgkin's in particular, I have heard nutritionist link it primarily to pesticides, amalgum fillings and other heavy metal exposure, exposure to chemicals, and fungal overgrowth in the gut - generally through antibiotic usage and wrong diet. Patrick Quillin, from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, links lymphomas to magnesium deficiencies.

What I consistently hear from all sides is that siblings are at a higher risk - nutritionists would say that is from the same environmental factors. There is a large link from Epstein-Barr Virus to Hodgkin's. People in the country, esp. farmers are more apt to get Hodgkin's - this would explain the pesticide link.

I just read this today and thought it was interesting...
Many, but not all, studies show a consistent link between woodworking and Hodgkin’s disease. Trichloroethylene is an organic chemical used in dry cleaning, metal degreasing and as a solvent for oils and resins and has been identified to cause liver and kidney cancer in animals. Exposure to trichloroethylene has been associated with an increased chance of developing Hodgkin’s disease and other cancers.

I had a lot of the above mentioned "causes." It caught my eye when I read that from the link, because I was the kid who gnawed on the wooden bunk beds and window sills as a kid. The summer before I was diagnosed with cancer, I stripped all of the cupboards and worked extensively with them. Yet, another thing I had in common.