Fastest doctor's appointment ever

I had a doctor's appointment with the radiation doctor yesterday. I waited approximately five seconds in the examining room before he came in. I hadn't even finished unfolding the newspaper that I was going to read while I waited. He came in and the appointment, which lasted somewhere around thirty seconds, went like this.

Doc: Do you have any side-effects?
Me: Not really.
Doc: Well, we have the program set for you. We will shrink the radiating area twice as we go. So you just have to put the miles in to finish it up.
Me: Sounds good.
Doc: O.k. See you later.
Me: Bye

I needed to get my port flushed yesterday. So I went back to the infusion room (my old home!!) and there was just about NO ONE THERE! I talked to my friend, the chemo RN. She said there was only two people in there the last day she had worked. Unbelievable. She ended up having to leave early and not getting paid what she would have ideally wanted to, since she wasn't working for a full day.

I sometimes have a weird sense of humor. I have worked on making it more appropriate. That said, I still joke about things that most people wouldn't.

So going back to the chemo RN and me talking, I jokingly told her that she should tell all of her friends to get cancer so she can treat them and she wouldn't have to go home early. Talk about a joke falling flat - I could have heard crickets. Maybe the infusion room is NOT the best place to tell that kind of joke.