Health, Healing, and me

I have been wrestling for sometime in trying to adequately tell people what has happened over the last three years. Was the remarkable results I saw in my health despite chemo a result of nutrition and supplements? Or was it all God answering the prayers of His saints? Or was it some of each? I can't say I know all of the answers to this. Sadly, I find there are two camps. The God answered all of the prayers and it is only Him that is responsible for it all and the nutrition camp which basically feels the opposite.

So I was watching one of my health heroes, Jordan Rubin, on Life Today. He has a somewhat similar story as I do... major health issues brought him home from college... found healing after a few years... tried many things in the alternative health arena, etc. In the middle of his talk I stopped the message and wrote this down... my preliminary thoughts which may still be revised. "I think people look at health and healing as an all or nothing. I believe that God desires to get us into a relationship of dependence on Him. Over the course of the three years God worked on healing for me, but it wasn't an all or nothing. It was a daily process of lining my emotions, diet, desires, etc. up with His, which was only something He could do with me as long as I chose to abide in Him. There were times God would step in and perform answers to prayer on my behalf, but often times He would lead me to do different things and take different things that He put on this world for certain health purposes."

I would love to see the end of the days where 90% of the prayer requests at churches are for healing diseases, that all too often could be stopped if people would follow the nutritional laws that were put on this world. People would never ask for people to pray that they wouldn't get hurt if they jumped off of large buildings. I would love to see the days where people in the church would quit blaming God for the health problems we see in the church because people don't follow the laws that he put on this planet. Why do the vast majority of the people in the church over the age of 40 spend their lives praying for God to heal them, but refuse to make simple dietary and supplement changes along with emotional healing that could vastly help them in their quest for health? Why do people feel like that they can eat whatever they want whenever they want with no apparent consequences to their health and that if something bad happens God is to blame? Why can't people just change what caused their sickness? Why spend your life treating symptoms of poor health when they're real problem is emotional baggage, a bad diet, caffeine addiction, sugar and even worse, artificial sweetners, chemicals in health and beauty products, sedentary lifestile, alcohol, lack of sunlight, and most importantly, the belief they won't get better, etc., etc., etc.

And that is the end of my vent. I think I was rambling on at the end there repeating myself. Oh well. At least the times are changing. I salute the charismatics and the seventh day adventists for moving the church in the right direction on health.

Who am I to judge? I loved trashing my body. I loved getting no sleep, eating half-gallon containers of ice cream in a sitting, etc. I was exactly the person that I find I could very easily get frustrated with now. Thank you, God, for rescuing me. If I didn't have You and a mom determined to help me, I know that I wouldn't have made it through chemo like what happened. To God be the Glory.

I think a lot of the people just don't realize how much the little things they do on a daily basis set them up for health issues. If people knew, I would think a lot of them, especially women (since too many men seem to define themselves by what they eat), would change.

I guess that answers the question of whether or not I am going to go back to eating junk-food all the time now that I am cancer-free, huh? :)