I am done!!

I am done with radiation. It is very nice to be done.

Today was a gorgeous day in the upper 60s, quite unseasonable. The last bits of snow are going down fast in the backyard. I don't think I will see people ice fishing on the lake by my house anymore. Last weekend, I was up in northern Minnesota and they still had nearly three feet of ice on their lake. To give you some kind of idea of how thick that is, I think it only has to be 4 inches thick for a person to walk on it.

So anyway, I just HAD to get outside on a day like today. Some family members and I had quite a good time hitting around a volleyball, juggling a soccer ball, etc. After going SOOO long without really playing sports, other than a little bit of volleyball, it feels like a good friend of mine is back in my life.

It was also good to go to a grocery store. Although this may not seem like a big deal, but I haven't gone to any public place (except church and the hospital) in many months. It is amazing how much those little things are missed when they are taken away.

Side effects can continue to progress for three weeks after completion of radiation. Thankfully, I really have had about nothing in side effects. My swallowing only improved from when I asked for prayer for it, despite continuing the radiation. I eventually found eating large amounts of organic plain yogurt seemed to help too, but that was after the fact. I love how God gives those little windows to show that his hand was in it, and not just the natural remedies alone.

I am probably sounding like a broken record, but I could continue to use prayer for the upcoming PET scan. Pray that it shows that I am cancer-free since this company's PET scan never showed that.