Lobelia & Mullien

I had an appointment w/ a nutritionist today(our health food store paid for it - how cool is that?). I asked her what I should do to get radiation out of my body and help restore the lungs from the radiation and bleo. She told me to try out lobelia and mullien for the lungs and a bunch of stuff I have already been doing for detoxifying the body (man, was that an answer to prayer to find a hospital that let me take all of the supplements I wanted). So now I am searching online for info about lobelia and mullien. Unfortunatly, all I see is info about how they are good for people w/ asthma and bronchitis. Grrr. I suppose there isn't a lot of people out there looking for them for what I am looking for them for. Oh well. I'll probably just give them a shot and see what happens.
I got bored and wrote about an ultrasound I did a few years ago. They really aren't a big deal and I really didn't mind it. However, I had to have a little fun w/ it...

Ultrasounds are a good time. I should know, I have had one before. You get to strip mostly naked. Then they take some ice cold gel that they have been keeping frozen just for me (because I am special). They rub that all over repeatedly with a wand. Just when my body thinks it can handle it they put more of the frozen goo on strictly to see how I will react. If the body is covered in goose bumps and turned blue (must be both, not just one), they say to dress and leave. If not, repeat w/ goo. Sometimes this can create an infinite loop - if I am not freezing fast enough. Then to help speed the process up, they will can resort to leaving patients in the room half dressed for a long time while they get someone else to start the process all over. (Note: they will make sure the room's temp is roughly the temp. of Yellowknife in the winter to help speed up the frostbite). They say this is a second opinion because they weren't sure what they saw. But I know better. So whenever that other professional gets there, he starts the gooing/naked process all over again. After taking a brief break to chisel off the layers of frozen goo, the torture provider proceeds again. When finished they let me think. Do I A) want to put the clothes back on and get them and me even more of a sticky mess for the trip home? Or B) walk out wearing no more clothes than was necessary for the ultrasound. Choice B is the obvious answer. Since I couldn't possibly get colder, there really is no purpose in clothes, right? Besides the layers of goop are thicker than any clothes.

Let me tell you one the secrets I have learned about ultrasounds. Take it from a pro at this. Roll around in a snowbank outside of the hospital. Give yourself face-washes in the snow. Ideally, nearby you find a lake that has thin ice and stomp on it so you can fall in. They might decide to shorten the appointment because the body has cooled to the necessary temperature required to leave the appointment. I close w/ what I started with. Ultrasounds are a good time. I should know. I have had one before. I wrote all of that to say this... The question you need to ask yourself is whether to schedule an appointment for frostbite before or after your ultrasound appointment.