My random thoughts...

I wish people realized that life is all about perception. It can be the difference between contentedness and being suicidal. If only people took more trips to poor countries. They would realize that happiness is not Florida vacations. Otherwise America would be the happiest place on the globe. Somehow we are the ones that have half the country on antidepressants, though. I think that our appetites our out of control. We jam food, booze, sex, porn, drugs, shopping, materialism, another person, music, etc. into a spot that it wasn't designed to be in. And it doesn't satisfy. There is no contentment. The flesh just screams louder and louder, "I want, I want." And the short term high of feeding our appetite just gives way to a greater bondage as we need more and more of our "medication" in order to pacify us. The man who can not be grateful for where he is at is truly a miserable man. So how does one get out of the downward spiral. I truly believe there is only one "medication" that works. Instead of medicating pain by stuff that will only trap us, bringing our hurts to God (I find out-loud works best for me) is the only way to really deal with the issues, rather than dig a bigger hole.

I am really looking forward to going through Feeding Your Appetites by Steve Arterburn with my accountability group. We already covered the first chapter (as you can tell by the end of my paragraph).

On a truly random note, I am quite a fan of TVU. You should watch it sometime. Go to Click on the watch now in the upper right corner to watch the Christian rock (hardcore, emo, alternative, rap) video (i.e. P.O.D., Pillar, Switchfoot, Relient K, TobyMac, Demonhunter, Chevelle, Thousand Foot Krutch, etc.) station. On another random note, One Time, by Earthsuit, is really good. Why did they break up??