The War is On!

I am doing an all out attempt to detoxify my body as quick as possible. This basically consists of large amounts of beet/dandelion juice (dandelion greens have to be the most potent liver cleanser I have found). I drink large amounts liquid chlorophyll, take a lot of alfalfa tablets, take Ultra Clear Plus, eat lots of cranberries (cooked with stevia), take epsom salts baths, sweat a lot (in jacuzzi or play sports), take tons of green powders (like Green Magma and Phyt-aloe), eat tons of dark green leafy veggies, etc. Couple that with all of the prayer support and I have a battle plan for detoxifying my body quickly! These are some of the things that REALLY helped with detoxifying chemo before, so I anticipate it to help with radiation. The nice thing is that now I can do all of the above, before I couldn't take some of the supplements because of possible interactions with the drugs.
I feel euphoric right now. Life is so great. It seems like everyone in this world has problems but me. The reality is that I probably have more problems than they all do, but I have such peace about those things. Thank God for all of the prayers. I think the other part of it is that I don't have the drenching night sweats, horrible itching, breathing/coughing problems due compression of my lung, medical treatments, etc. going on for the first time in a LONG time. I am grateful to be done.