So what do you do?

after you listened to someone talk who is hurting? If I have been down that path before I like to tell what helped for me. After all they are my friend, and I deeply care. So why hold the medicine and not give it to them? But what if they don't think what I said is right? Than they choose to not share about this anymore because they feel they no longer can with me. Grrr. But I am their friend. I deeply care about them. I want to know their struggles, upps and downs, because I do care. I do want to listen. That's why I listened to them the first time. But now they no longer feel that they can share with me, because they rejected the advice that I gave. So should I quit telling people what helped me when I was in a similar situation (or even brainstorm with them possible ideas for answers?). I don't think that is loving at all. I wouldn't want any friend to do that. If a friend is only there for sympathy but never to actually help (when they have the help) it isn't that nice.

If I had a flat tire I would rather you help me change it rather than give me sympathy or listen to me tell about it. Oh why, oh why, do relationships have to be like this? I don't ever want friends to not feel they can not share and they have to put on a happy face. But the joy of listening is to help fix the problem, right (at least to a guy it is)? This kind of stuff can be frustrating in relationships.

There was a time that God probably felt this way with me. Hopefully, not anymore.