Wild at Heart

is what I am reading. It is REALLY good. Boundaries, even though you are a good book, I'll have to get back to you later.

Excellent quote, "Truth be told, most of us are faking our way through life. We pick only those battles we are sure to win, only those adventures we are sure to handle, and only those beauties we are sure to rescue."

For the most part that couldn't be more true with me (hopefully, in the past). I think there is something wonderful that happens when I'm in a spot where I am over my head. Where if God doesn't show up, I'm in BIG trouble. And that is adventure. I wonder if he says that later on in his book. Don't spoil it for me, though.

He goes on to talk about how guys are posers (we pretend to know all about everything even when we are clueless on the particular topic). I certainly used to always be that way. However, I found that that was the sure way to stay dumb. If you risk looking clueless and ask questions, that's how you will learn. I used to be far too proud to ever ask much questions. I wouldn't want to be disrespected by others thinking that I was clueless. But it really is all about pride. Each day there is a choice to act like I have it all figured out and lose what knowledge I do have by forgetting it and not learn much of anything else (if I have it all figured out what is the point in learning from others?) or to ask questions, and try to learn what I can. Oh, a person can still learn while they are proud and acting like a poser, but its a trickle instead of a river. The choice is mine to make.

I find it interesting how people who are rich try to pretend that they aren't but those that aren't try to pretend that they are.