So many books I want to read...

Well, I went back to reading Boundaries only to get distracted by a few more good books. So it is once again on hold. I heard Rick Hereen speak and started reading The Elk River Story the story of the Elk River revival that has been going on in the last few years (Elk River is a suburb on the extreme NW side of Minneapolis). Talk about a great book, it tells how God lead all sorts of different people in the town and what happened. One cool story was a bank that has had 70 different people get healed there.

So that was great. And I won a free autographed copy of The Fungus Link 2 a book that tells the link between fungal/yeast infection and virtually all disease. Very interesting. I'm a sucker for a good alternative health book. So I've been plowing through that too. And then I saw my mom bought a Foxtrot book. So, of course, I've whipped through that.

Man, I feel like a nerd with how many books I want to read. TV and movies feel like such a waste of time these days.