So I seemed to have woke up a small fever (100.1). Enough to mess up my plans for the evening. Oh, well. It would be nice if you all would pray for me and health. I got my 4 month ct scan/pet scan/checkup coming up in a week or so.

So this got me thinking. I had no shortage of fevers over the previous couple of years... just in high ones alone I think I had around 50 of them over 103 degrees. And I probably had hundreds of them over a hundred. I guess I just got used to them.

Oh, here's random news. According to the British, I just heard that there is some weird mutation in red haired girls. Apparently they can take 3 times more pain than men or other hair colored women. Perhaps this would explain why my sister just gave birth to her son without any painkillers...

edit: found this link... but there are others out there