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Not a lot. I'm playing tons of volleyball. And that makes me happy. I think I'm playing tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday.

I like to post on ideas of things... hmm, what good ideas do I have floating between my ears these days.

I am going back through the book Victory Over the Darkness by Neil T. Anderson. Man, is that good stuff. I'm going to teach a Bible Study (just one time) on Truth. Obviously, that book is excellent. The book is on how the key to living a life of victory is to know who you are in Christ. As the issue of identity and security becomes, eh, secure (for lack of a better word), than the wrong things we do to try to belong, fit in, etc. aren't an issue. Until we find our security in Christ we vascillate from pride to insecurity and run as an emotional roller coaster.

Welp, gotta run. Man, maybe I should write in here more.