I chipped a couple of teeth. And now I'm dealing with a hassle of insurance/dentists/find one that will take my insurance, won't charge a ton/ that can get me in some time soon. I don't really want to go out a whole lot when two teeth in the front are WAY chipped up. And it hurts every time I chew so I decided to do a juice fast/cleanse (which actually will work fine, cuz I was planning on doing that anyway to get rid of any remaining chemo in my body). So anyway, if you guys want to pray that all works out well, that would be great. Currently, I have an appointment for Thursday, but that's just a "let's see how it looks" appointment, not a take two hours out of the day to put on a couple of crowns appointment. I'm still not completly sure that that dentist takes my insurance either. So umm, yeah, a little prayer would be great.