It seems most people aren't really living. They are just kinda floating around. Going from one fun thing to another. Trying to cram all of the happiness they can into life. Which will only cause them to be depressed. Because there is no fulfillment. There is no purpose. They spend their lives always looking forward to something, never truly appreciating what they already have. And when they get to that something, it is either never as good as there mind made it out to be or it is over so quickly. So they spend their lives thinking this or that will bring happiness, but when it comes they are more discontented than before. And then they try to pursue stuff or people to give them the significence and self esteem or self worth that that they lack. So they wander around aimlessly in life looking for someone or something to come along and show them that they have what it takes. That they are valuable. But stuff and people won't do that. Stuff and people CAN'T do that. That's why money doesn't equal happiness.

Life was meant to be lived by acting. On offense. Not reacting on defense. Life was meant to be made the most of. But not for self. Because that is empty. The only fulfillment, true fulfillment is found in a life so intertwined with the Lord that he starts to show you what to do and not to. How to seize situations rather than passively let things slip away.

Well, that's what's currently going through my mind.