Spiritual gifts

So a guy in chapel was talking about spiritual gifts. He was mentioning how spiritual gifts can be supernatural not just a person's own talents. So I thought about that in my own life. The last time I did a spiritual gift inventory thing I came up with prophecy (not in the pentecostal sense) and wisdom as one and two. I like the word annointed better than supernatural. Cuz when God annoints either one of those gifts, that's where the action is. Just me cultivating them on my own, yeah, important, but it's both. A person has to cultivate their spiritual gifts, learn from those who are better than you, etc. But a person also needs to have that close abiding walk with the Lord. "The annointing comes from the love walk." -Joyce Meyer. So we are responsible for the love walk, the cultivating of the gifts, etc. But ultimately it is God who is responsible for everything (He gave the gifts, he annoints, etc.). We just need to live in such a way that we block him from working (by pride, sin bondages, etc.).