Awesome quotes

I was watching sky angel and got some good quotes from different sermons... I pulled a sentence out here and there from sermons...

I am the guy I could't become on my own.
- Stephen Baldwin

It is the people with little vision that attack those with big vision.
The right people are connected to God. The wrong people are discouraged because they aren't. If I look to wrong people for acceptance, I become one of them. If I am surrounded by the right people, they will connect me closer to God. So how do you know if they are the right people? Here's a few questions... Do they cause me to love God more? Do they have a passion for evangelism (the wrong people just turn inward, it looks like a football huddle, and who wants to see a lot of butts?)? Do they need to be in the right group? Do I trust them to make the call if I am not there? Do they celebrate God's blessing in my life or are they jealous? Do they bring the tithe (money reflects the heart)? What did they influence me to do that I wouldn't have done otherwise (positive or negative)?
-Ed Young

The more I become like Christ the more of me I become. - Chynna Phillips (my note: SO TRUE and the enemy's lie is that the more we become transformed the more fake we become. What a lie! I become authentic & real and less of a poser only as I become more like Christ)

Transformation happens when God's desires clash with ours, and God's wins. This is our duty - Rom. 12:1. Conformation is external, transformation is from within. You will NEVER be able to change what you are unwilling to confront. Satan can't destroy you, only distract you. Satan plans on YOU destroying you, because you didn't upgrade your mind by resisting. Inaccuracy and tollerance open the door for disappointment and destruction. - Rob Thompson

What you can walk away from, you have mastered. What you can't walk away from has mastered you. - Mike Murdock

Fear is wanting us to believe that what God promised in His Word won't come to pass. Boldness is fearless confidence in what is said in God's Word (Proverbs 28:1). Drama does not equal boldness. False humility/unworthiness in life (esp. prayer) is a slap in the face to God. He said to BOLDLY come before His throne (Heb. 4:16). - Creflo Dollar

Never forget how crippled you are. Forget Jesus and old habits come back. Faith is energized by dreaming about the future. Fear gets its strength by rehearsing the past. Before purpose sinks in, identity has to change. - Robb Thompson

Well, those are some GOOD quotes if you ask me. I'd recommend reading them again...