I think there is balance... if I (we) only pursue God and the principles that He teaches I can become either a) arrogant, or b) just wanting to use God for the next incredible (at least it seems incredible to me) thing he'll teach me. On the flip side if I only pursue experiencing God (through worship or whatever) without learning about Him and the principles of His Word I can come up with some weird ideas on my own, not only that I don't see how transformation can occur (Romans 12:2 - renewed mind brings transformation), and complacency and shallowness in the spiritual walk are BOUND to occur... that said, by pursuing and experiencing God His holiness shines down and shows the discrepencies in my life that don't line up with Him. Then off to apply the principles of His Word... I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is balance and both are needed. To just experience God and not let Him transform (I almost wonder if that is possible, but sadly it is), is no better than to just glean the meat from the Word. We need both.