Continued update on health

I emailed this to a friend and put it up here for you all. Thanks for your prayers!
I could now use some prayer. I came back from camp sick (fever the day after I left). And then my sinuses have been plugged and I had a cough too and my lungs felt kinda pressured (don't know a better way to explain). It seems to FINALLY be improving a little (10 days), but still isn't perfect. Anyway, pray for my lungs/cough to be healthy because it is similar to the coughing I experienced back in cancer when the mass was pushing against my lungs. So I don't really like that feel. The reality is that when a person is sick their lymph nodes grow. I hate that. I don't like to feel bigger lymph nodes. Period. But anyway, so the scar tissue on the lymph nodes (I had nodular sclerosis kind of Hodgkin's) makes lymph nodes already bigger (after cancer there still was a mass in my chest of lymph nodes, only it was do to scar tissue, not scar tissue and cancer). But anyway, if lymph nodes are already big than a little sickness makes them bigger than I like, hence what probably is causing the cough/pressure that I feel. But I still don't like it. So anyway, if you could pray for me, for a) healing from whatever it is causing it and b) peace of mind, I would greatly appreciate it. Also c) I have a pet scan and/or ct scan coming up so pray for perfect health on that. Oh, lastly, d) pray for wisdom on what job to work for the rest of summer. Man, I got a bit for you, huh?