The necessity of quitting...

So I've been thinking about having something on this blog about this for awhile, but was looking for Biblical references to support what I have seen happen over and over in my life. The book How to Grow by Cloud and Townsend emphasize this point too.
There is a need to quit. It isn't that what we are doing is wrong or anything else, but there is a time when we as Christians, can get so wrapped up into what we view as God's work that it no longer is God's work, but our work. If something goes bad, (which we CAN'T let happen) it would be horrible, because whatever IT is, has got a hold of us. We are it. Instead of backing off and saying, God, is this even what you want me to do? Cuz if it is, I have no shot of completing it, so I can quit. If you want me to do it then You had better take over Your work. Because I have no shot on my own. It is pride to think that I can do God's work in my strength. It is only through quitting doing what at one time was God's work, but what I took over, that it works again. This goes back to the concept of am I just asking God to bless what I am doing or is God using me to do what He would have me to do.

Cloud and Townsend go one step further and I like it. They say that a lot of times counselors, mentors, etc. encourage the people under them when they ought to be discouraging them. Encouraging people to try harder doesn't work. They argue that in some situations we need to discourage people. Show them how they are failing and that they can't do it on their own. Because this sets them up to tap into the one who can beat what they are struggling with. It is through humility, dependence on God, and abiding in Him, not more of our strength and effort that causes things to be changed. It is pride to think that if I just try harder things will change. I told a guy this at camp and I love how Cloud/Townsend say it too. The basic concept of an accountability group where people who are struggling come together and just tell how they are blowing it so they feel guilty and ashamed, then slap each other on the back and say try harder next time is ridiculous. It doesn't work. Wisdom is the principle thing. AA (if I recall correctly) makes people be sober for a certain length of time before they can lead (sponsor) someone else. In the same way, find someone who is at where you want to go, and learn from them. That's who you have keep you accountable and show you how to get out of the pit.

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit frustrated with how the day was going. I had a headache and was feeling just a bit irritable. I had prayed about and done all of the things that as Christians we are supposed to do. Finally, I just prayed, "God, I quit. If you want me to get stuff done today, you give me the strength cuz I sure don't have it or feel like it. If you want this stuff done you get me going." And bam, headache just about completly disappeared, I started to feel content, and energy was going through me. I got a lot done.

There is an importance to quitting, reevaluating, and asking am I doing what God wants me to do? Am I working hard because it is good to work hard, or am I stepping over the line into burning myself out because of a fear of failure or pride? Do I live in dependance on God and in His strength or pridefully on my own?

Here is someone else's view of this.