There's quite a few... but I think they are quite good. The last one is quite long but I find it quite worthwhile. Otherwise, I wouldn't have taken the time to write it... Feel free to comment on any...

"To be a spiritual person - its a realm of trust, its a realm of faith, its just believing God is going to do the next thing at hand." - Doug Staton

"It is not good enough for my husband and I to be living out in the light. and see some glory come to God through victory over terrible defeat in our past and seeing some damage come to the kingdom of darkness. I want to see for everybody! ...It is unnecessary for us to be living in the kind of bondage we are... You can take up residency [in the pit early enough]... You start early enough and you stay long enough and it starts to feel like home. And you don't know there is anything different until somebody wearing a cloak of flesh and blood says, 'I was once this and now I'm this [motions to a better way of life] and the only thing that changed was Jesus Christ coming and taking authority over my life and bidding me to freedom.' I tell you it just does not get better than that." -Beth Moore

"I had lived in the pit for so long not realizing I was in a pit but to realize one day through God, and through this love and His Word and through friends this love and His Word and through friends that cared about me that I could get out. There is a way our - because I had just lived thinking that I'll just hang in there." -Betty Robison

"The greatness of this out-of-the-pit life is so great that I can't stand to live it without you." -James Robison

"Devoting a little of yourself to everything is to devote a great deal of your life to nothing." - Doug Staton

"People are waiting for God to show them what to do, but the reality is that if there is something to be done, we do it!" -Doug Staton

"If you are still playing on the edge of your walk with God, if you are not living for God, if your not bearing fruit, if your not leading people to Jesus on some sort of regular basis, if your not laying hands on the sick on a regular basis, if your not testifying and not telling people regularly something God has done in your life, your family, or someone in your church or something you have heard then your back-slidden most severely." -Doug Staton

"I want to be there in the thick of what people call horror and be able to say 'life is beautiful'! Yes, I live here in a corner parched and dizzy and feverish, unable to do a thing. Yet, I am also with the jasmine and the piece of sky beyond the my windows... For once you you begun to walk with God, you only need to keep on walking with God and all of life become one stroll, a marvelous feeling." - Etty Hillesum (a young Jewish girl at Auschwitz in regards to uninterrupted dialog with God)

"I know I was too busy to pray, I once said to somebody - I was traveling everywhere preaching - she said, "When do you pray?" I looked at her and I said, 'I don't pray, I preach, You pray.' Now was that a smart - alleck preacher? You know what that was? That was a sick, defeated preacher that needed to learn how to come into the presence of God, and I'm so sorry." -James Robison

"You can deny the cross and empty it of its power and start to live from... the seen realm or you can declare its power and live in the unseen realm. The Bible says to fix your eyes on the unseen." - Doug Staton

"If you think you are God and you think everything you are doing is going to work chances are God will keep breaking it off you... and frustrate you and keep it just when you thought you were going to there , He'll just move it because He wants you to rely on [Him]." -Doug Staton

"God knows how to look out for you better than us. The blessing that comes from God is better than the blessing you can give Him credit for." - Doug Staton

"One of the most powerful things in religion is that people don't touch GodGod or are not touched by God. And that's why when the supernatural comes, they persecute it, because they want to feel like they have an edge on the market by their knowledge." - Doug Staton

"Words will produce your thinking. Your thinking will produce your emotions or feelings. Your feelings will produce your decisions. Your decisions will produce your actions. Your actions will produce your character. And your character will bring you to your destiny. That's a basic sequence of how life works. But now watch this. Negative words will produces negative emotions... [which will produce negative everything including destiny]. Everything starts with words. The Word of God will produce thinking that will line up with the Word of God. Abraham... got told get away from your father's house and your relatives. I said, 'Lord, is that love to tell a man to leave his relatives?' Well get away from those who are framing your thinking. Get out of that place where they are framing your thinking. Words will frame your thinking. So who are hanging around? What are you listening to? What's framing your thinking? Are you allowing... [negative friends and family ] to frame your the way you think about things? Because folks as a man thinketh so is he. The way you think will determine whether you walk in the Spirit or walk in the flesh. Because when you get down to the bottom line walking in the flesh is a way of thinking that opposes the Word of God. Walking in the Spirit is a way of thinking that goes along with the Word of God.
The Word of God will produce thinking that will line up with the Word of God. And thinking that lines up with the Word of God will produce how you feel - feelings and emotions, that line up with the Word of God. And emotions that line up with the Word of God will produce Godly decisions. And Godly decisions that line up with the Word of God will produce Godly actions. And Godly actions that line up with the Word of God will produce Godly habits. And Godly habits that line up with the Word of God will produce God character. And you know character is doing what's right because its right and you do it right. Character is what people have come to expect from you. And you will never go above the level of your character. So Godly habits produce Godly character and Godly character will produce a Godly destination which will take you where you are supposed to be. Now if you find you are not in a place where you are supposed to be, just back step. If you don't like your destiny, change your character. If you don't like your character, change your habits... [and so forth to words that I am around] that frame my thoughts. See you don't have to be defeated by the devil for one split second. but we've got to take responsibility for our part in this life and do the things we know to do." - Creflo Dollar