"If you are not touching other people's lives with the light Jesus Christ gave you, you are hiding your light under a bushel. You can say, 'I'm not that type of a person, that's not my personality, I'm insecure, I'm shy, I'm just a quiet person.' ...God knew that you would be a quiet person, but God still designed works for you before the creation of the world. He still has works for you. Whatever that is, because of who you are, you will reach people that no one else will reach. Unless you shut down and think that you can't because someone has made you feel comfortable with doing nothing. The greatest temptation that will ever befall you that is common to man is the temptation to do nothing. And that temptation is over the majority of the church. God has created you to be like His Son who will love, deliver, and set free the captives. Set at liberty them that are bruised, that's who is in you and He's going to want to do it whether you do or not. And if you don't let Him do it through you, then you've imprisoned Him back in the box where He was freed from." -Doug Stanton