Sample of interview... good stuff

James: I am sitting her with my wife Betty and with Beth Moore. I'm James Robison... We're talking about the things that break the heart of church members and Christians and believers and confuse people. How can people who are people of faith who love their family, how can they fail? But they do, they get in a pit; a pit of defeat and despair, sometimes they're so depressed they despair of life and sadly, sometimes they take other innocent people with them. And the consequences of sin is painful, not only to the person caught in it but to everyone else they touch in some way, innocent people suffer because people who have made bad choices made those choices. We want to help people get free... Beth, I feel like the things that break the heart of people when they see someone else fail, it puts us in a sense of dismay and disheartens a lot of people. I think somehow, if we can help people understand that the greatest among us, so to speak, are totally vulnerable to stumbling, to making the worst possible choice or to being a captive, a prisoner. The enemy may have a wooden gun stuck in our ribs but we don't know it is a wooden gun. And if he has convinced us then he can so often control us. He is controlling the actions of so many people, which is why I wanted us to spend this week talking about the best-selling book that God really impressed you to write. It is the best-selling book right now among all inspirational books as we're sitting here talking because people live in a pit of defeat and hopelessness; they want to get out. And when you put "from a former pit-dweller," I don't think you're for one moment implying that you could never get back in, but for the grace of God there all of us go. I think people are getting the book because they want hope. We're sitting here talking with a broken heart because we've seen so much that breaks our heart. We have experienced it ourselves and yet we have seen hope. We don't have to live here. I mean you made a statement here in the book and I want you to pick up on this because you're saying here that a stronghold is something we have, a pit is somewhere we live. The stronghold puts us there if only for a while. We can get out of this. It can be an addiction. You make it so clear that this is not where we have to live. I want you to just elaborate on that a little bit.

Beth: Talking about an addiction, I really do believe that there is a method to the madness of the enemy. He starts with a distraction, something that just gets us off course, gets us from looking at how huge our God is in our circumstances, gets us distracted by looking at the circumstance itself or the pain itself or the difficulty itself. Then it moves from that distraction -- distraction is not enough. What the enemy wants is for it to move into an addiction and even a thought process of defeat, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, lust, greed, all of those are addictive kind of thought processes. But that's not even enough for the enemy. He wants to take us on to full-fledged destruction -- from distraction to addiction to absolute destruction. But the thing about it is that anyone in Christ cannot be destroyed. We may be struck down but we have not been destroyed. You have never been knocked down so far you cannot get back up. It is a lie! And to think that this is it, there is never a way out of this hole --

James: Yet, if you don't get up, you're simply -- you're not dead, you're just believing a lie. You're believing I can't get up when the truth is you can get up and you have somebody that will help you get up. It is not just a matter of we're in the pit and we're knocked down. There is somebody waiting to get us out of the pit who is able to get us out of the pit and able to keep us out of the pit, and that's the thing we want you to understand. We don't have to live being trampled ground, walked over, stomped on, held down -- we don't have to live there. You may not realize it but it is a choice. You may have been thrust into the pit by circumstances and family but we don't have to live there. And Beth, somehow I pray that every person listening to us can come to understand where I am right now is not where I have to live.

Anyway, it was *quite* good... Here's the transcript. And if you want to watch it, click here and scroll to June 19th.