Overcoming bondage (Spirit and Truth)

There seems to be two major components to the Christian life that Jesus talks of in John 4:23-24, Spirit and Truth. I think these two are the keys for a life free from habitual sin bondage. And this only makes sense for freedom (John 8:31-32; 2 Cor. 3:17). Let me explain. Many people I know who are trapped in addiction as well as myself (roughly five years ago) often feel it is only through super-human strength that they will overcome. If they just could super-size their amount of determination and will power, then there battle would be over. And so they hear different messages preached and feel fired up and then fall before too long. They tried in their own strength to do what could only be done through the power of the Spirit while guarding one's minds with truth - ripping down the lies that have been preprogrammed and control/bombard the thought processes by oneself/the enemy. It is not enough to just know a truth like "____ is wrong." One needs to have the power to live in the truth rather than just acknowledge it in their head. Thankfully, Jesus told of the gift coming, the Spirit, that empowers Christians. It is only through radical surrenderment to the Spirit's control, living saturated in God's love and truth (the Scripture) and through real honest relating and relationship with Him that there is any shot of any kind of victory from sin bondages. And there are no short cuts around it. Jesus told His worshipers to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. His truth is what we anchor to regardless of what culture, friends, our own minds, the enemy, etc. say. And it is only through the annointing of the Spirit that His empowerment exists. To try to live the Christian life through one's own effort is not only impossible, it is anti-Biblical! Gal. 3 states as much - after starting with the Spirit are we now trying to reach our goal by human effort? Once one realizes that the whole battle for and to maintain freedom is through the power of the Holy Spirit (remember self-control is HIS fruit not self-produced) and through renewing the mind by holding to the truth (Rom. 12:2, John 8:31-32), they realize that they cannot be around every influence. Their thoughts ARE impacted by the negative influences around them. They realize just HOW dependant they are on the Word of God to strengthen their minds and it no longer becomes something to do out of guilt but an item of reading out of desperation to truly understand how to survive in this world to maintain freedom from habitual sin. And they have come to the end of self-sufficiency, because they know that it was not their willpower that set them free or allows them to maintain it, but rather the power of the Spirit through abiding in Christ (John 15). Unless one is dedicated completly to the Lord, but then gives up to His power at work in them, they should probably never expect to see any real change in their situation, because it is only through Him that there is any hope, and as I love to say, He is only found when sought with our whole hearts (Jer. 29:13). Is it worth it to lose everything to gain everything? I think so.