"Do you know what being busy is? It can be an acronym. It means Being Under Satan's Yoke. Yeah, I said it that strongly for a reason. If I am too busy running around doing ministry or other stuff in my life that I can't fully experience God, I am under Satan's yoke." -Stephen Baldwin

"When temptation comes I tell that devil, 'Greater is He that is in me than He who is in the world.' That devil's gotta go, because the power inside through the Holy Spirit is far greater than anything he's got." -Stephen Baldwin

(both quotes paraphrased from overhearing him speaking into a guys' life after the recovery celebration of Grace Church of Eden Prairie)

This goes along with what Mark Strandjord has been saying all along... little intimacy and time with God - you should be afraid of the devil. Much time and intimacy with the Lord and he's afraid of you.