Quote on passion vs. Holy Spirit fire

"Let me warn you at this point: Be careful not to confuse fire with a human emotion or with what is often called passion. Coaches tell their players to "fire up!" A romance novel talks about burning with passion. But as I use the term fire, I am not talking about excessive emotion or even honest, pure-hearted, spiritual passion. Such passion in the human soul is often the result of our spirit's encountering the flaming presence of God's Spirit. The soul - made up of the mind, will, and emotions - does become zealous and passionate when it glows with the fire of God, but that will be the topic of another book. This book is not about our soul's passionate response; it is about the Holy Spirit's passionate initiative. I am not in any way challenging you to rev your spiritual engines, crank up your emotional fervor, or work yourself into a fever pitch. God forbid!" -Fred Hartley III p. 20 Prayer on Fire