Good song

I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it. I recommend listening to it a number of times in a row.


I really think the essence of the Christian walk is going deeper and deeper into Christ. God is looking for friends, not people who just use Him just enough in order to try to get what they want out of Him. While we are all friends by title (John 15 v.15 or something like that) it isn't really much of a friend that spends no more time than they need to with that friend. I'm convinced God is ready to show the secrets and mysteries of His heart, but that He is looking for real friends - not just friends who use Him to get at the deep things of Him - to show them to. Upton sings, "...the fighting is in vain/ If your only aim is to build your own great name/ Because My dream's not what you do/ Jacob will you dream for me/ The way that I have dreamed for you/ I have given Jacob's generation the key of David, intimacy." Where is God in the busyness? Has God really called people to do all of this stuff while keeping Him at an arm's distance because there so busy running around trying to do all of this worthless stuff (and yes, it becomes worthless when God's hand is not on it regardless of how good the world may deem it) to please Him or try to get His love when if one would only be still with Him they would truly know that they are loved and operate out of that love instead of it just being head knowledge? Is the Christian life really all about just being busy doing good things in the flesh?

I'm convinced that some things like pride and our hearts often only change in God's presence and stay changed as we live there.

I was talking to a buddy on the phone the other day and he started prophesying. I figured I'd pass along what he said to those who might be interested... "The end times are upon us and in this day God is looking to pour out his signs and wonders in a tremendous way through more and more of His people. However, He is not going to let those who take only a peripheral interest in seeking Him while living most of their lives on their own get to see much of the action. The exploits will be Him flowing through the people who are so lost in the beauty and adventure of knowing Him."

Do you want Jesus? I mean, really? Will you structure your time in such a way to reflect that? Will you crave to just relate with Jesus about life and to understand His Word more and more because that's what you feed on or just settle for the empty, inferior, time-wasting, never satisfying junk of this world and wonder why you don't get to see what the latest powerful testimony you heard talk of? God is looking for friends, not people to use Him to try to get what they want out of Him. At work I saw this quote: "God is not a prostitute. He do not just reveal Himself to anyone. You've got to seek Him!"