Quitting's importance

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I think one of the main reasons why quitting is so important is that one truly has to come to the end of themselves. If the answer to the Christian walk was simply trying harder, a Christian would only exchange whatever their current bondage is to a bondage of spiritual pride - which might actually be worse for that person since spiritual pride can sometimes be very difficult for a spiritually prideful person to detect! The Bible talks about the Lord taking us from glory to glory not bondage to bondage. Consequently, it is only by stewarding what God has entrusted and quitting relying on my efforts to change me, but trust and believe Him to change what I can't that will produce transformation. I think the Old Testament is filled with stories of how the Israelites only stewarded what they had and trusted the Lord and He delivered them. We do need to do our part in the situation (i.e. Goliath probably wouldn't have fallen if David didn't show up). However, it is the Lord who changes and He will receive the glory from it. If not, don't expect deep heart level change anytime soon! In Gal. 3:3, the apostle Paul asks, "After starting with the Spirit are you now trying to gain your goal by human effort?"