I think that more and more aspects of the Christian life dealing with sin are not what they might seem... A couple of weeks ago, I got hit with a strong fear towards something (I won't get into it). I tried to take authority over a spirit of fear, surrender the fear to the Lord, thank the Lord for how he was taking care of the fear and freeing me from it, and virtually everything I knew to do. And yet, it seemed like I wasn't really shaking it. I couldn't figure it out. And then the Lord brought to mind a seemingly irrelevant situation... it certainly did not seem to apply to the fear issue where I had walked in disobedience to authority. As soon as I repented and determined to go to the authority, the fear just disappeared.

Some times the issues that we think are issues are not the real issues. For example, one can be attacked by lust, but what allowed that lust access to them was walking in spiritual pride and judging others. If they were to spend their life fighting lust they would not realize that the reason why they are dealing with it is that they are outside God's umbrella of protection by virtue of the pride that they are allowing in their life. It is important to see that sometimes the issues that one thinks are the real issues are only shadows of other issues. Sometimes one can look at a situation in their life and not think they have any hope of changing that bondage. And while this may be true (only God can change that in them), the situations of disobedience that they allow to persist in their life keep what the person thinks is the big issue still in tact. It is as one deals with the first issues that the Lord reveals (or rather allows Him to deal with, in, and through us on these issues) that the first step toward healing a completely different issue often can occur. I think a lot of times Christians view their walk based on one or two issues. Consequently, they fail to see the host of "smaller" sins that keep those two issues seemingly permanently untouchable to any real, lasting change. God is waiting for us to take the steps we know to do that will make our lives submit with His Word.