Paradigm shift for prayer

So I find that I have to watch out about obsessing about the same thing to God in prayer. A while back, it was my future. I do not even want to guess how many hours in the past 6 months I spent praying... but really almost obsessing would be a better word... about my future. I would venture to say it became a distraction. I'm fervently seeking the Lord, but am distracted from fully tapping into His presence because I'm so busy fuming due to my lack of trust. Yeah, I tell myself the truth that God will take care of it. I remind myself of all of the times He has in the past. And yet I still spent entirely too much of my prayer time distracted. I know there is a place in prayer of relating to get things off of our minds but what I am talking about is much more than this.

So then I watched The Glory Zone on GOD TV. It is a show with wild testimonies of miracles that God does when His glory is manifest. David Herzog, the Host, talked about how he started each day by spending hours in worship, praise, singing, dance, even shouting praises, etc. until the glory and presence of God was thick in the place of worship. Then he'd soak in the presence of the Lord for a while and THEN make his requests to God. He talked about how the answers to prayer seemed to come much quicker in the glory. So I had a day where I didn't have anything to do and just started with the presupposition that God already knew about the things that I'm always praying about and instead just focused on Him. After soaking in His presence (which was incredible in and of itself), I then started praying. WOW. All I can say is that Herzog knows what He's talking about. I guess it should come as no surprise that God answers prayer so much quicker when we pray from His perspective and when His manifest presence is actually there. I guess this is why at the Florida Revival they spend three hours just in worship and intercession to press in deep to the presence of the Lord before they start to pray for people. It isn't that the needs aren't there. However, if the needs are going to get met by the Lord, shouldn't His manifest presence be there if the answers are going to occur??

Oh, and I just was watching an old Disciple song on youtube. I love it. If you like music to be a bit harder, enjoy!