Over the last couple of years, when I hear a good and/or challenging quote or even one that just makes me think, I put it in the back of my Bible. I was reading through them the other night and here were some that stood out to me...

"Unless a humility that rests in nothing less than the end and death of self and which gives up all the honor of men as Jesus did to seek the honor that comes from God alone, that God may be exalted, until humility is what we seek in Christ above our chief joy, and welcome at any price; there is little hope of a faith that will conquer the world." -Andrew Murray

"As soon as [any] honor or service is done for the honor and not for the service-sake, the doer is that moment outside of the kingdom." -George MacDonald (as quoted by John Eldredge)

“Religious people can be the hardest to reach because they are dead and think they are alive because of what they know.” –Dave Johnson

“God is looking for people who are wandering and stumbling into His plan, not asking Him to empower their plan.” –Doug Stanton

“I think we only finally start to learn something when you figure out you don’t know and you get smart enough to listen to everybody else and anybody else who has got any wisdom.” -Joyce Meyer

“Everyone is as close to God as they want to be.” -Tozer

“When I don’t need to be used, but only want the Lord’s hand to move through anyone, is when I’m ready to be used.” (me - now, if only I could always apply that...)

“God’s work is always much bigger than what we plan to do for Him.”

“If you are not ready to share your testimony, than you are not free.” –Doug Stanton

“I think God will cause something cataclysmic to happen in our lives. [Otherwise,] We’ll just continue on in that same misery. God allows things to happen there… We think, ‘You know what, I do not have to live here. I am miserable here.’ And I have a God echoing down into that pit, ‘Come and be free. You can be free.’” –Beth Moore

“Am I multiplying my talents for me or God?” –Rodney Howard-Browne

“The Bible says draw near to God and He will draw near to you so the onus in on us.” –Rodney Howard-Browne

“Your eternal job is not what you do, but who you are; Your earthly job is not what you do, its who you are. But because of what you are called to do, you’ll become who you are meant to be. And when you get that, it takes the pressure off you; but not the pressure of believing God to do it through you. If the pressure of doing something is hard, then its probably not God doing it through you. If it is no longer you who do it, there will probably be no burden.” –Doug Stanton

“A wise person is one that is broken that they can receive correction.” –Doug Stanton

“All that hinders the blessing being ours is pride or lack of faith. …Jesus reveals to us that it is indeed pride that makes faith impossible: ‘How can you believe if you accept prise from one another?’ [John 5:44] …In their very nature, pride and faith are irreconcilably at odds.” –Andrew Murray

“The chief mark of counterfeit holiness is its lack of humility. Every seeker after holiness needs to be on his guard lest unconsciously what was begun in the Spirit is perfected in the flesh, and pride creep in where its presence is least expected.” –Andrew Murray

“It’s God that does it, not you. So its not like somehow you are going to get faith so that you are going to heal people. Your just going to get to a place where your unbelief and doctrine doesn’t stop what God wants to do through you. That’s about all there is to it.” -Doug Stanton