I normally don't post on politics on here. But this is ridiculous. This is not an abortion issue even. If you have a live baby that is living outside of the womb (from a botched abortion) only Obama is fine with throwing it in the dumpster (and he voted this way THREE times). Not one other liberal senator from Kerry to Kenedy to Boxer are for this extreme type of legislation. I realize that there are other issues, but how can anyone vote for this man? Isn't this type of behavior enough to cause one to vote against him regardless of ANY of his other views? Can you really picture Jesus voting for someone who would vote in this way? If this doesn't concern you, what does?


I'll share with you another point of alarm. All one needs to do is do a search in regards to Obama's relationship to Odinga, his cousin. While some argue that the African culture calls friends cousins, it really does not matter if they are cousin's by blood. The reality is that Odinga's desire was to bring about radical Islamic law to Kenya, and Obama was a huge supporter of him. As one article states, "Clearly, Obama campaigned for someone who is corrupt, ruthless and has financial ties to terrorists. More importantly, Obama campaigned for a candidate who had the stated objective of dismantling US & Kenyan government efforts to root out Al Queda and other terrorist organizations. Organizations that had already caused the deaths of hundreds of Americans and Africans in embassy bombings. Senator Obama’s actions—intentional or not—were in direct conflict with the efforts and interests of US national security. I think this raises serious questions about the judgment, maturity and readiness of Senator Obama."

Please, please pray about this upcoming election!!