"Ninety-five percent of today's church activities would continue if the Holy Spirit were removed from us. In the early Church, ninety-five percent of all her activities would have stopped if the Holy Spirit were removed." -Billy Graham

“It’s really quite amazing that the ones who see Heaven most clearly have little desire for this world, yet they are the ones who have the greatest impact on the world around them.” –Bill Johnson p.125 Dreaming With God

“Revelation is not poured out to make us smarter. Insight is a wonderful benefit of this encounter, but our intelligence is not God’s primary concern. His focus in revelation is our personal transformation. Revelation leads to a God encounter, and that encounter forever changes us… Without the encounter, revelation makes us proud. This was the nature of Paul’s warning to the church at Corinth: “Knowledge puffs up…” (1 Cor. 8:1). The actual effect on our intelligence is according to the measure of transformation we’ve experienced. Revelation come to enlarge the playing field of our faith. Insight without faith being released to have the truth realized through experience keeps truth unproven- only theory. It is the birthplace of religion. …Revelation gives us access to the realms of greater anointing available to us to make that truth a personal experience and lifestyle. The greater the truth, the greater the anointing needed to demonstrate that truth to the world. Anointing must be pursued, not assumed. The measure of anointing that we carry reveals the measure of revelation we actually live in. –Bill Johnson (italics are Bill's)