They might not be exactly word for word...

"One of the biggest lies in Christiandom is that you only a sinner saved by grace. You are saints. You say that is semantics. I say that is a name [identity]. ...Every time you call yourself a piece of junk or say you are a no good sinner, you have cheapened the blood of Christ. You cheapen it to being just for forgiveness, and call it humility. He did more than just give forgiveness, He gave us a new nature." -Kris Vallotton

"Your success is going to be how full of God you become." - Kris

"Its nonsense to fill yourself with theory without experience to back it up." -Bill Johnson

"We can't sit back and say that if it is God's will, it will happen. That's like a farmer talking about having corn without planting." -Bill

"What you know can keep you from what you need to know if you are not a novice [having a child like heart]" -Bill

"If you don't change the part of the world you do have control of, don't expect God to do what you can't." -Kris

"If its in the Bible, its legal [to believe God for]." -Bill

"The world has two ways of dealing with strongly annointed people. They worship them or try to destroy them." -Bill

"God is looking for people that would not be destroyed by pride because of answered prayer." -Bill