What I am learning and Bible Intepretation

My quote is my modifying a quote from Bernie Ooley:
There are those who twist the Bible out of context and read what they want to make it say in order to back what they feel like doing. This is a gross perversion of the Gospel, and a technique used most frequently in the Gospel by the Devil when he tempted Jesus. (For example, a guy I know told me his plans to fantasize over some strippers but then just ask God for forgiveness and all would be ok because we are under grace). Then there are those who become intertwined with the Gospel out of relationship with the Lord. As they explore and the Holy Spirit leads them into truth the Gospel may get taken out of context. This is a proven way that the Holy Spirit works started by the New Testament writers who repeatedly took the Old Testament out of context when they quote it in the New Testament. However, there is danger that one can still come up with some whacked up doctrines, so one should check their biblical revelations. If the "revelation" is contrary to the "Revelation - the Bible," one can be quite sure that what they think they got from the Holy Spirit did not come from Him. However, to not allow the Holy Spirit freedom to interpret His Word as He chooses, would be a theological principle that - if applied by the writers of the New Testament, would have caused numerous chunks of the New Testament to not be written.

Now then, perhaps I was arrogant, but I did not know how much stuff would get changed in my life by way of spiritual formation when coming out here to the School of the Supernatural - which is really one of the most serious spiritual formation (defenition - one's own spiritual growth) centers that I have seen. I guess after spending 6 years living, eating, sleeping, drinking, etc. spiritual formation, reading a myriad of books that I could get my hands on, I figured that I'd catch a lot of review. And while there are numerous ideas presented which are very crucial and are good to be reminded of, there are three things which really have made a dramatic difference. I feel like I get blessed with so much revelation out here that I don't write a fraction of it down (from class, from seminary, and a lot of the time, stewing over different things presented). But anyway, one thing that I had never heard discussed (that are I have a bad memory or listened poorly) is the idea of "pressure to perform." I remember one thing I have always had to fight against is drivenness. I think I have a perfect temperament to become a work-aholic. I always felt like I had to fight against drivenness. But why? What was the truth I was neglecting to bring freedom? I had been asked if I am a perfectionist. I generally am not (just ask previous roommates about how neat I am, for example). I remember questioning if I was fighting against drivenness because of pride. I did not think I was. I could never figure it out. And then I came here to Bethel Church. And for the first time I heard Bill Johnson and others address the pressure to perform. And I realized "THAT'S WHAT IT IS"!

I think what maybe threw me off before now was that I heard people address performing (that is the idea that one approaches life from the standpoint to perform for people - they are an audience) numerous times and while that certainly was an issue 6+ years ago, I really did not see that in my life anymore. But the pressure to perform sure was. So what's the difference. I think the pressure is how one approaches things on their own. For example, in ministry I had to make sure that I did everything just right so I would put myself under pressure to do x, y, and z in order to hopefully ensure that the other person would get a breakthrough. I was driven on doing homework (talking after cancer days, not before) because of a personal pressure to perform. Wow. What a revelation. As freedom creeps into more and more areas of life, I have begun to see just how much a pressure to perform was rooted in me.

I really think a greater revelation of grace is about the perfect antidote. Just more of Him. Less of me. Don't look at myself to see if I have fasted lately in order to pray for another or see if I have read my Bible enough to formulize that enough has occurred for this or that prayer request to be answered (yeah, isn't that messed up?). Just go for it and look to God's grace. While it still is biblical to abide in Christ, have relationship, fast for greater breakthrough, etc. none of these things are to cause me to go back to introspection when all I need is to look at grace and the finished work of grace. Ahh, I love the grace culture of Bethel church.

Lastly, I feel like I'm really beginning to make a breakthrough in just approaching people everywhere (whether the grocery store, Wal-mart, or wherever) and just asking them if I can pray for healing in their bodies). Its a lot of fun. I recommend it to all. Simply pray a short prayer, command the pain (or whatever) to leave in Jesus name, and then ask how they are doing. Its God's Gospel... let Him be responsible to authenticate it with signs and wonders - pretty sure we are just the vessels - the jars of clay. And then let me know what sweet testimonies you get (cuz I love hearing about them!). Oh, and make sure to tell them about Jesus after He touches them and invite them to receive Christ!