So this was simply a few thoughts I had towards Bill Johnson's message today at school. Those at school today can certainly feel free to comment to let me know if I am coming to a more proper understanding...

Bill talked today about three ways to get impartation - through the laying on of hands, through word, and proximity. He talked in different ways about the latter, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this is what he is getting at. However, feel free to correct me.

When a person hears an annointed, powerful message there are a number of different responses which can be less than the best. One can respond in admiration and put the speaker on a pedestal. They can think that this person is far above them spiritually and all that really occurs is admiration. Another response is guilt or self-condemnation. One hears a message and because they were impacted by the message they feel guilty or they condemn themselves that the same things are not occurring to them. Sometimes (note: not even close to always) this can be based in an inferiority complex where they view that they could never have God do something special in or through them.

Another response, can be intellectual assent. They can be excited that new ideas were preached and happy to become smarter. The ideas get tucked away in mind somewhere. And while Bill is excited that people are studying things and growing in intelligence: if this is all that one gets from the message, they still will be missing out. Another response is that of one in relationship with the Lord where the revelation (what God is speaking through the speaker) comes with an empowerment because of the grace the Lord releases into the life of one in abiding relationship with Him. Therefore, the Lord will quicken this back to their thoughts as needed and it will become a part of Him. While I think this last part is part of what Bill is getting after I do not think it is all of it.

I think what Bill is looking for is a life alignment. Even though I may never have a conversation with the speaker, I can still grasp their heart for a situation or how they relate to God. And this is ultimately the real gold. To hear a mind-blowing testimony or way that God works that dismantles the box I put God in is of some value in that it will expand my view of God. However, it is of much greater value if I can understand the way that the speaker relates to God and come into alignment with that in order for the possibility of a similar situation occurring in my life.

This is the difference between being fruit chasers (or admirers or skeptics) and being established in similar manner to have the possibility of the Lord producing similar fruit through His grace.

It reminds me a bit of when I had cancer. I had all sorts of caring people ask how I was doing and pray for me. This was excellent and I was blessed by it. However, I remember meeting only one person whose immediate response was to find out how the Lord was changing, growing, and teaching me. I remember sharing with that woman (I think I met her only briefly at the health food store) and walking away deeply impressed with her. She knew that all I could do was spend time with the Lord and with that much of Him coming into me, that I probably was learning/changing quite a bit. For her to learn what I did without having to go through what I went through was remarkable. This is more of the root issue stuff that I think Bill was going after...