About grumbling...

"The problem with our complaining is that it reveals a dissatisfaction to others and really speaks of a lack of faith on our part in trusting God with our circumstances. Our grumbling is really against our Father." -another student at my seminary

My response:

Well said. To add to your thought: I think a lot of people either go into grumble mode or, as equally out-of-balance, don't-say-anything-bad-ever/doormat mode and can live like a pendulum going back and forth. The better choice is to process through things in a healthy manner with the Lord and/or others, be able to make a reasonable appeal, and confront others when needed. I think grumbling and being a doormat are far from what the Lord intended for His royal children (I'm reading The Supernatural Ways of Royalty right now. Can you tell?). Thanksgiving and intercession while in the problem are also always excellent alternatives to grumbling.