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In regards to the Rules of the Christian walk:
I think as people start to really get a taste for His presence and seeing His Spirit move, they will hopefully fall in love with God. At that point the relationship is not about rules but rather about maintaining open fellowship with Him. If this is what one craves above all else, than the rules become only the parameters in order to keep open communication. The desire to walk in obedience will ultimately come as one realizes that to break the rules only often causes an internal death to His spiritual fire operating internally and, quite often, external consequences that only rip down what we ultimately want (as what we ultimately want becomes what He ultimately wants... which really is what we always ultimately wanted if we had only known... not to make this too confusing). Consequently, rules become something we desperately desire to keep, but are radically dependent on Him and His mercy to do so.

I just got to hear Randy Clark talk about the gifts at the Healing School here in Redding. Randy's comment that the word gifts, Charisma, has the root word that is translated grace. He argues that God's grace is what gives gifts. While some receive them through eagerly desiring the gifts (which is only God's grace that woos them), others receive them strictly on His grace. Therefore, one should not be surprised when some of the most unlikely vessels walk in some intense power! If they were works based, they would not be called Charisma!