Differences in prayer

I got this from Pastor Rick Wood. I love it. Its the difference between how I thought prayer was supposed to be and acted and how Bethel and some of the other signs and wonders churches pray. I'll tell you the new is so much more fun and effective than the old.

Old and New Wine Skin Praying

Old New

Begging Declaring

Pray hard Pray believing

Many words Fewer words

Belief during prayer Belief after prayer

Reactive Proactive

Talk about problem Talk to the problem

Stopping devil and curses Releasing God and blessing

Focusing mainly on problem Focusing mainly on testimonies and promises

Mostly asking Mostly thanking

God is reluctant and/or hindered God is good and has already won victory

Uncomfortable with silence Values soaking prayer

Worship prepares for prayer Worship is prayer

Intercession dominates church Intercession is one part of diversified prayer plan

Fasting from things Fasting to things

Fasting is an event Fasting is a lifestyle

Burdened Joyful

Laughing is rare Laughing is frequent

Focusing on the duties of prayer Seeking the depths of God

Spiritual attacks are positive signs Expect God’s protection/blessing after prayer