Promotion and the Goodness of God

Do you ever get the feeling God is just setting us up? He continues to overflow His goodness and blessing on us again and again and just waits to see how we will handle it? It isn't like He doesn't want to bless us. We don't have to convince Him to promote us - He already wants to. But He does not want us to be wrecked by the blessing. So He checks: Will we grow proud thinking His goodness is somehow due to us? Will we fall in love with the blessing more than Him and so make it an idol? Will we continue to see our dreams more about loving and serving people than about us? Will we get off track another way? Or will we continue - only through His grace - to steward and walk in thanksgiving for what He has given us and continue to move from glory to glory with ever increasing glory. It is illegal to work hard for His goodness (as I have heard some around Bethel Church say). That would only make us religious. Grace did it all, my efforts are not necessary. But my friendship and relationship is! For whatever reason, Daddy likes to bless His friends. So I continue to let Him move me more and more in friendship and more and more into His blessing. It really is not a bad way to go.

In related news: It is always fun to hear that the woman who had the cane down in San Diego with the pain that felt like a torch in her back and no knee cartilege and a leg that was shorter than the other was dancing around in church the following Sunday after receiving prayer the week before. I got good news for you: God is good!!!