Here's some random good quotes I have found.

"It seems most of the positives of [an event in history] are found in the motives, whereas the negatives are mostly in the manner in which they were carried out. Interestingly, I just learned that many times, we also judge ourselves on our motives whereas we judge others based on their actions." - a Seminary classmate

"Any area of my life that is not filled with glistening hope is where I am believing a lie and is a stronghold of the devil." -Francis Frangipane (sp?) Speaking on the quote "That means that spiritual warfare has much more to do with what I believe than with binding and rebuking."-Steve Backland

"Doubt is the assurance of failure. We choose it because we have absolute control over it". -Daniel McHarness (which would show the underlying problem behind the doubt...)

There is a mighty lot of difference between saying prayers and praying. - John G. Lake

"Great things come by grace, but great things will cost you everything." -Randy Clark

"The problem is not that we think the Christ-given mandate to heal people is impossible - it is that we think the rest of the Christian life is possible." -Bill Johnson