Knowing Him...

He's a person. And when you fall in love with the person, you get His presence. And when you fall in love with His presence, you get everything. Or rather, you get freed from the need to have everything.

When we no longer need _______ (for our reasons, not His) is when we are a good candidate to be able to receive it.

It is often (note: not even close to always) through extended periods of time with Him that we receive His revelation and breakthroughs (meaning He speaks to us - not saying like the book of Mormon) - through waiting on Him and knowing Him. But we spend time with Him for extended periods for this, we might be disappointed and it turns into striving. That is why it is so important to read the first quote about falling in love with Him instead of striving for encounters and revelation.

There just is this sufficiency that comes from truly knowing Him.