"We routinely disqualify testimony that would plead for extenuation. That is, we are so persuaded of the rightness of our judgment as to invalidate evidence that does not confirm us in it. Nothing that deserves to be called truth could ever be arrived at by such means." - Marilynne Robinson

"Spiritual passion is not merely an emotion, it is a force born of innter convictions that are rooted in divine revelation and applied with a sense of personal mission." -Jack Hayford

"Are you unoffendable? If you aren't, that's probably a good indicator of where God wants to grow you next." -Kendall (a classmate)

"Christianity is perfectly easy or impossible. It depends who is running the ship." -John Crowder

"Are you missing faith? Check your love-meter. Faith flows through love." -Ben Dunn

"Failure is not fatal. It is often the best way to create learning... most of what we have learned has come on the other side of failure." -Danny Silk

"To a person endowed with prophetic sight, everyone else appears blind; to a person whose ear percieves God's voice, everyone else appears deaf... The prophet's word is a scream in the night. While the world is at ease and asleep, the prophet feels the blast from heaven." -Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Never put limits on who can teach you, because some of the best things I have learned have come from the least qualified." -Amy Jackson

"We like to have events. But we are short on processes." - Jack Taylor