"The majority of leaders will emerge via common entry patterns. It is self-initiation in the entry patterns that indicates strong potential for upper-level leadership. Plateauing in a leader's development is indicated by a declining frequency of initiative and response to ministry challenges and ministry requirements." -Robert Clinton in The Making of a Leader p. 87

"The basic giftedness development pattern 1) Ministry experience, 2) discovery of gift, 3) increased use of that gift, 4) effectiveness in using that gift, 5) discovery of other gifts, 6) identification of gift-mix, 7) development of gift-cluster, and 8) convergence." Clinton, p. 91

"Maybe it isn't so much about one learning how to accrue or grow in gifts/graces on their life as much as it is learning to not doubt that the goodness of God wouldn't want to flow through me to show God's love to another in a way I don't normally experience or see him do regularly. If we believe in the goodness of God, it isn't fair to limit allowing His goodness expressed through you!" - Me. I put this as a facebook status but decided I wanted to keep it longer so I'm tossing it in here.

If you are interested in a great book on leadership, check out The Making of a Leader by Robert Clinton