"Leaders are readers... I just know that I have seen that those who have an appetite to read; they are the ones that God raises up and uses in a mighty way. I took this course at Fuller Seminary by a Professor named Bobby Clinton and he studied all of the leaders who finished well and those who didn't. And it is amazing how many leaders, even in the Bible, that did not finish well. Like David did not finish well even though he was a man after God's heart, even Moses could not even enter into the promised land, Peter denied Jesus 3 times and all that, and you have Judas who didn't finish at all, but then he started to study people in church history and the common denomenator that those who finished well all had is that they were constantly learning even in their old age. When they were 70, 80, they were studying, reading, learning. They were still being a disciple. They were teachable, they were humble. So I want to encourage you as a young person to develop that discipline now to study the Word of God and to study your area... ." -Che Ahn

"[first sentence spoken by one of Che's mentors to him when he was young] You take care of the depth of your ministry and God will take care of the breadth. And what he was saying to me was to take care of the foundation of your ministry... Humility is a choice though. You have to choose to give Him glory. You have to choose to stay humble... You have to hold that [success] lightly knowing that you are a servant and ultimately we are all servants." -Che Ahn