In the process of growth, God often gives us opportunity to retake tests. If we failed them the first time, He gives opportunity to retake the tests. The Israelites in the desert kept walking around the Sinai peninsula until they could pass the tests. The funny thing is, when the test comes back again, what really gets put to the test is the mindset that was created previously. If I failed the test the first time and came to the wrong conclusions as to why (i.e. like becoming bitter at God) or if I passed the test the first time but took credit for passing instead of realizing that it was His grace or empowerment that made it possible (although there is a process of yielding), I likely will fail again if changes are not made. I do not really find out what mindsets I have until they are put under pressure. What I know (in the biblical sense) has more to do with how I operate rather than what I have understood intellectually. The problem is, many take their opportunity to grow and use it to reinforce the wrong mindsets rather than see them as opportunities for promotion. Through the passing of the test, promotion - which comes from the Lord - opens.


Here's a good quote:
"Poverty is more than not having something. It's a spirit that is always fearful of not having anything at all. The spirit of fear that affects the entire human race is so massive a force that even a person who has much still tends to think it will never be enough." -Jack Hayford p. 184 Glory on Your House (good book - I recommend it if you are wanting to learn to have the presence of the Lord rest on your life more)